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The Backstreet Boys Back in the U.S.A.

This is it, Backstreet Boy fans! The Flordia-based band's self-titled debut album finally hits record stores this April. But don't start cheering yet--we've got even better news. After months of traveling around the world and performing hit songs like "We've Got It Goin' On" and "I'll Never Break Your Heart" for fans in other nations, the Backstreet Boys--Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Kevin Richardson--are now planning to spend a lot more time in the United States. (Okay now you can cheer.) This doesn't mean , however, that the Backstreet Boys had a totally awful time touring other countries. In fact, they each have extra-special memories of places they visited. Nick and Brian loved the laid-back lifestyle and always sunny skies of Brisbane, Australia. "It's a little bit more mellow [than other cities]," 17-year-old Nick says. "It's very quiet and the weather was so great." Howie ans Kevin, on the other hand, say they were happiest on the other side of the world. "Forme, sentimentally, my favourite places were Germany, Austria, and Switzerland because that's where it really happened for the Backstreet Boys first," Kevin, 24, tells BOP, adding he also liked soaking up a littlel history in these countries. "I really like looking at all the old castles, and there are lots of castles in Germany. We also saw some remnants of castles in Switzerland while we were drinving through the Alps." Howie, 23, liked poking around Europe's historical sites, too--especially in Spain, where there are lots of centuries-old cathedrals, castles and cobblestone alleys to explore. "It's weird, because seeing all the history over there, you realize that America is a very young country," Howie tells BOP. "There is a lot of history out there in the rest of the world." As for 19-year-old AJ, well he had a great time everywhere he went. "I enjoyed just about all of teh places we went to: Spain, England, Germany, Australia. I mean, I just love to travel around the worl and visit new ocuntries," he says. Although the boys may love spending time in other countries, they're definitely not planning on packing up and moving out of the United States permanently. The truth is that all of their traveling has made them want to spend more time in their own country. "We definitely have a better appreciation for what we have in the United States," Kevin explains to BOP. "Now we see that [our country] is a melting pot and we understand where all of our different cultures come from." That's why the Backstreet Boys are so excited that they're finally bringing their music to their fans at home. "We finally have time to focus on our homeland," 22-year-old Brian says. "We got our start everywhere in the world except home, so it's time to come back and focus on all the US fans who have been waiting so long for this.