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Brian   Littrell

Phillipians 4:13- "I can do all things through Christ who gives (me) strength. Without my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I would not have the gifts of songs, (or life) to share with you." Thank you Lord for my many gifts: The gift of family. Mom & Dad, you are always there beside me, behind me, and guiding me through all of life's ups and downs. Dad, I only hope to become the father and friend you have alwyas been to me. Mom, I'll always be your baby duck. I love you both! The gift of a brother. H-Dawg to the world, Big Bro to me. Thanks for kicking my tail all the time, yet in return picking me up and pushing me to succeed. I love you man. To both sets of grandparents, Pearl, Corndog, and Grandaddy, I love you dearly. Much love to so many aunts and uncles that I cannot name them all. The gift of a dream. Big Papa, thanks for giving me the chance to achieve your dreams as well as mine. We did it together. To all my boys back home, thanks for sticking with me, it's been a long time. A special thanks to a group called Specialty (you know who you are). Thanks to our management and security, we put you guys through so much. Con-grats to Big Money (My Ni) and Slim Tha Frim. Good luck with everything, Big Ran, you're tha man. To the Stonies, my home away from home ( I love you still) (72). Thanks to Jive/Transcon records. Mook Daddy, let's do another song (ha-ha). Finally, to Frack, Bone, D. and Kev, thanks for the bond we will share the rest of our lives. To all the people I forgot, I'm sorry! To all our wonderful fans, I will thank you personally on tour, (Backstreet's Home!!!)